Sample Application Videos

SB Glass® Smart Film

SB Glass® smart film usage in interior designs continues to gain popularity and be in fashion. SB Glass® has unique features such as durable and high quality material, high transparency and light transmittance, safety and possessing projection screen.

SB Glass® film is not only a multifunctional product, but it can also be used as an independent element of the interior that will perform many tasks: when office partitions, shading screens alternative to curtains and blinders etc. are in a transparent state, SB Glass® does not allow ultraviolet rays to enter

Areas Of Application


Meeting rooms, conference rooms, schools, movable doors and windows, office partition windows, administrative offices, communicating doors, roof windows, trade shows and control centers.


Hotel room privacy sections, bathroom / bedroom privacy screens, external windows, doors, conference center windows and roof windows, bar and restaurant screens, toilet cubicles, shop windows, guardrails and balconies.


Internal or external high-resolution rear projection screen. The projector should be 1 to 3 meters away and slightly inclined for optimum resolution.


As an alternative for bathroom partitions, movable doors and windows, projection curtains, doors, glass room partitions, winter gardens, skylights, blinders and curtains.


Security windows (containing bullet-proof glass), bank cashier window and automatic money withdrawing system, vision panels, entrance lounge and cell doors and Windows.


As a substitute for bathroom dividers, operating doors and windows, projection curtains, doors, sliding doors, skylights and blinders and curtains.


Rear projection screens, feature screens, special effect panels and show screens.


Hospital (nursery, emergency room, intensive care, operating room), clinics, fire resistant doors, privacy / restrictive monitoring areas.


VIP vehicle glass and security solutions.


Duration: The Company “SB PVC Sistemleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.” guarantees the film sold for two (2) years. Warranty enters into force after delivery of product.

- Breaking or folding of SB Glass® film,
- Improper use of the product,
- Exposing films to temperatures higher than 50 ° C,
- Exposure to fire or flame,
- Direct connection of SB Glass® film to 220V AC mains,
- Wiping the surface with unsuitable cleaners,
- Exposure to strong acidic or basic solvent liquids or vapors,
- Any change not made by SB Glass®,
- Faulty installation if the product is not installed by authorized technicians,
- Deficient installation of the product if not installed by authorized technicians,
- If the installation of the product does not comply with standards, instructions, directives, and recommendations,
- Use of sealants or chemical components not previously approved by the supplier during installation and maintenance of the product,
- Exposure of the system, glass, film or other components of the product to an electrical wave,
- Electrical work, electrical wiring or electrical systems that are insufficient and / or not specified or not previously approved by the supplier,
- The warranty shall be disabled in case of defective use of the product, an external cause, the action of a third party, a natural disaster and any force majeure in general.

This warranty is provided by the seller only to the Customer and is not transferable to the subsequent purchasers of the product.

Any communication related to the guarantee provided by the supplier must be sent to him using the contact details stated on the invoice. For the validity of the warranty, the product must be returned to the supplier in a way that the shipping will be at the customer’s expense.

If the product is under warranty in case of failure, the product may be repaired or replaced. Labor costs related to product removal, installation or re-installation are not covered by the warranty provided by the supplier.

1. The customer must fully understand the TECHNICAL INFORMATION of the manufacturer prior to installation of the product.

2. If the product is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the customer should consider the product being produced with Low E glass and the film laminated between two glasses should be preferred. Otherwise, such a situation may be harmful to SB Glass® film and invalidate the warranty.

3. If it has been desired to install the product where it will be exposed to excessive moisture (wet glass) then it is mandatory to seal all edges of the product with suitable tape and Neutral glass silicone (Dowsil 791 T - Non-Acid based) sealant. This situation is indicated in the TECHNICAL DATA of the manufacturer. Failure to comply with this will invalidate this warranty.

4. Photos and also a 30-second video before and after the application should be sent within 14 days. If not sent, warranty will be invalidated.

5. For all warranties for SB Glass® film, it must be established by a person authorized by us. The warranty will be invalidated if installation practices are not performed by trained personnel